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  • Diana’s au pairs  really are “part of the family.”  In this photo, Diana is shown with children Juliana and Lorenzo, and 5 of her au pairs: Teye (Thailand), Ann (Thailand), Inese (Latvia), Nat (Thailand) and Sai (Thailand). [...]

  • Host Mom Shares Her Family's Experience “After 4 years of German au pairs, we felt the German language was well grounded in our twins as I am able to continue this bilingual upbringing non-stop after work [...]

  • Tuesday evening, I met with my group of wonderful au pairs from many different countries.  I asked them questions about adjusting to life in the U.S. and if they had any advice for the newly-arrived au [...]

  • Annika Halder was an au pair with Au Pair in America in 2013.  She's recently submitted an updated video of a song she wrote while she was in the U.S. as an au pair.  Her goal, [...]

Meet Your Global Neighbor

Au Pair in America au pairs not only provide childcare but are also active in their local communities. Global Awareness, a unique volunteer program sponsored by Au Pair in America, is designed to foster a greater knowledge of the diversity and variety of cultures the world has to offer.
Au pairs go into elementary school classrooms, libraries, local bookstores, cub scout and brownie groups and other organizations of interest to children to share their culture. One teacher recently said

“60 kids will go home today knowing more about the world than when they first arrived at school this morning”.

The au pairs present a wide variety of topics and all the presentations are interactive and fun for the children! Au pairs who come to the U.S. with Au Pair in America are dynamic young adults who live with American host families, provide 45 hours/week of childcare, take college-level courses during their stay and engage in a mutually rewarding cultural exchange experience for the entire community. To learn more about Au Pair in America, please visit

  • Community Counselor Cynthia Chan in Southern Maryland used her monthly meeting to highlight the Lunar New Year.  A [...]

  • Did you know that Germany has more bakeries and Germany eat more varieties of bread than most other [...]

  • It's the 12th day of Christmas and we are going right here in the United States.  Many of [...]

  • China!  You might be wondering why we are visiting a country where religion is outlawed to look at [...]

  • For day 10 we are headed to Austria for their scary Krampus tradition. Krampus traditionally appeared with St. [...]

  • In Costa Rica, rice pudding or "Arroz con Leche" is a traditional dish for many holidays including Christmas [...]