SPEAK YOUR TRUTH – What is worth fighting for?

In this first quarter of the new year, we are inspired by Martin Luther King Jr’s fight for equity and serving the greater good of others in the community – we ask you, “what is worth fighting for in 2023?”  What will you put your energy to starting or stopping or supporting in the new year?  Send us a few sentences describing the volunteering you plan to do while living in the US in 2023.  (Volunteermatch.com is a great website for finding the groups that work for your causes). We would like highlight your plan with our nationwide community of au pairs and host families and post it here in Global Awareness.  (And hold you to it! ;-))

Use the form below to share your ideas.  Entries are due by Friday, March 31st. All entries will go into a drawing for a gift card to thank you for your 2023 service plan.  

Next step will be to DO your plan!  Send us pictures of you in action later in the year and we will send you a GA certificate signed by the director of APIA.

CONTESTS - community service

Submitting a photo or video? Be sure to sign and submit the release form.You can sign it, scan it and either upload here or email it to aupairphotos@aifs.com.

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You will be entered in a raffle to win a $50 Amazon gift certificate and all entries will be posted on the Global Awareness website.