Holiday Raffle Entries

Au Pairs were asked to submit a photo from the holidays.

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Cookie Exchange

Cynthia Chan, Community Counselor from Southern Maryland shared on her facebook page about their recent cluster meeting: An international cookie exchange!  Cynthia emphasizes that it was a great way for the au pairs to share favorite cookies from their home country. For the full facebook post please visit the Au Pairs in Southern Maryland facebook [...]

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Pumpkin Carving

Evelyn's host family invited Michele and Yumi, 2 other Brazilian au pairs in Dominique Ortiz's Virginia-based cluster, to carve pumpkins for Halloween!  Having the au pairs participate in this typical U.S. tradition for Halloween is a great example of global awareness.

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Holidays Around the World

Holidays Around the World is the December theme for presentations.  Children from pre-school to middle will learn how traditions vary from one culture to the next.  Not everyone celebrates Christmas!  Santa is St Nick in some countries, and candies are left in shoes for German children.  In a cluster in CT, we shared our cultures [...]

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