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Au Pair in America au pairs are so creative and contribute so much to their host families and to cultural exchange. Every year Au Pair in America hosts several contests in order to showcase the creativity of our au pairs. Amongst, the more popular ones are:


  • Giovana R. from Brazil in Dominique Ortiz's Arlington, VA cluster. I think becoming an Au Pair brought me such a lot of good things, like, I learned that I don't need anyone to be happy, I [...]

  • Cassia F. from Brazil in Melissa Oro's Milwaukee, WI cluster. My au pair experience can be influence in my future on the way I would be give education to my children, because I appreciate the way [...]

  • Annika V. from Germany in Kaisa Auge-Katz's Chicago, IL cluster: Study, get a job, build a home, marry, have kids ‚ that's how I always thought my life will look like. "Always" means since I can [...]

  • Ellis C. from Brazil in Susan Grubstein's Brooklyn, NY cluster: start the process, to move on, to say goodbye, to arrive in another country and to live in this new culture. Courage is what I [...]


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