Celebrating Indigenous People’s Day in the US

Au Pair In America Community Counselors are as unique and diverse as our au pairs.  Global Awareness caught up with one in Denver, Colorado, Laura Mauger, to hear her story and seek advice on the upcoming celebrations of Indigenous People's Day.  Here is what Laura shared from her past and her advice as we celebrate [...]

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“This is so much more than I thought it would be!”

“This is so much more than I thought it would be” is a frequent lament of au pairs! Do we ever stop to think about the enormity of being an au pair? No matter how much childcare experience, an au pair has, she’s most probably never worked where she lives, lived with strangers, been “part-of-a [...]

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A Visit to the Second Grade

German Au Pair, Justine Probst visited her host child’s 2nd grade classroom to talk about her country with the students. She showed the students a traditional dirndl dress she made for October fest.  She said she wore it to Octoberfest here with her host family! She engaged the students by asking them questions about Germany.  [...]

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And the Winners Are…

Thanks to all the au pairs who participated in the Global Awareness Scavenger Hunt.  I hope you had a great time browsing the site to find the answers to our Global Awareness questions. There were many of you who had the correct answers, but prizes go to the first 3 au pairs who submitted the [...]

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A Conversation about Pre-Conceived Notions

 I had the pleasure of speaking with Justine, Nina and Marie, French au pairs who are currently living in the U.S. with their host families.   All three young women arrived in the U.S. with pre-conceived notions of what life and the American people were all about.  Let's see what they had to say: Justine heard [...]

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Reflections on a year abroad

Bruna, from Brazil, a former au pair and now back in Brazil teaching English, wrote to say that "yes, living in the U.S. changed my mind about Americans. ...back home, people believe that Americans are always up to something and whatever they do is always about them.  I tell them that judging Americans without living with [...]

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Observations of Cultural Exchange

Au Pair in America has au pairs arriving to the U.S. from so many different countries.  These young women take a leap of faith, trusting that the net will be there.  And be there it is!  With an excellent field network of community counselors, a dedicated staff in Stamford, CT and host families wanting to [...]

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Sharing Our Holiday Traditions

Cindy Klose, a German au pair living in Rhode Island, recently visited a 5th grade classroom to share her holiday traditions with the children.  Initally, Cindy was nervous, not knowing what to expect, wondering how the children would respond to her, questioning, "did I have enough to share with them?"  She was happy to report [...]

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