Introducing Your Family to a New Language

Community Counselor Robin Leon from Austin, TX was a guest blogger for Tandem Speech Therapy.  She provided a top ten list on introducing a new language to your family.  From the article: “Why does Ana talk that way?” We had run into one of the au pairs I work with at the playground, and my [...]

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Pia Teaches About Germany

German au pair Pia B. is spending her year with a family in Patricia Antresian's Baltimore, MD cluster.  Pia had the opportunity to share her culture with a group of 6 and 7 year olds at Harford Day School. Pia explains, "First I told them some basic information about Germany. I did comparisons between the United [...]

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Helping Young Children Learn Language

Recently I came across a great blog post about helping young children learn language. One of the benefits of having an au pair is that there are many opportunities not just for them to hone their English skills, but for your children to also be exposed to a foreign language(s). Read Dominique and Kristina's blog [...]

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Speaking a Second Language Changes How you See the World

"...existing in more than one languages can feel a lot like existing with more than one personality." This quote really resonated with me in the article. I grew up speaking Dutch at home, English at school and then whatever the native language was of the country we were living in at the time.  The author [...]

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Exposing Children to Languages

Host Mom Shares Her Family's Experience “After 4 years of German au pairs, we felt the German language was well grounded in our twins as I am able to continue this bilingual upbringing non-stop after work and on the weekends. The German au pairs brought my girls the “fun” aspects of the German language by making [...]

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Charlotte elementary children learn about Mexico

Fadia, an au pair in Charlotte, NC, presented information about her home country to a group fo 56 K, K-1 and 1st grade students at the Pawtuckett Elementary School.  She engaged the children in learning about Mexico and her culture through song, teaching Spanish words and answering questions. The children really enjoyed her presentation and hugged [...]

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A Visitor From Germany

Jana was an au pair in CT. She just completed her year and is returning to university in Germany. She taught us a lot about her country, cooked German food for us, and was an outstanding "Ambassador" for her country, Germany. Jana did a mini-language lesson, teaching the children how to count in her language, [...]

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