Costa Rican Cooking on Bainbridge Island, WA

Community Counselor, Carol Perry from the Bainbridge Island, WA cluster, shared some great pictures of  her recent cluster meeting.  One of her au pairs led a Costa Rican cooking class during the monthly cluster meeting.  What a great way to learn about each other's cultures and have a delicious meal together.

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Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving is a typical North American holiday which most au pairs are not familiar with.  Several community counselors chose to have Thanksgiving Day-themed cluster meetings this year.  There are so many ways Thanksgiving can be celebrated, below are several snap shots. Jennifer Stein's Houston Cluster was welcomed by a host family.  Everyone was treated to [...]

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Au Pairs Represent their Country or Experience Through Art

Au Pairs in Cindy Garruba's New  York cluster had a chance to express their creativity by decorating these hearts.  They were asked to either have the heart represent their country (like the flags) or to share their experience in the United States.  These hearts will be used to decorate a holiday tree in the Stony [...]

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Cookie Exchange

Cynthia Chan, Community Counselor from Southern Maryland shared on her facebook page about their recent cluster meeting: An international cookie exchange!  Cynthia emphasizes that it was a great way for the au pairs to share favorite cookies from their home country. For the full facebook post please visit the Au Pairs in Southern Maryland facebook [...]

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Arlington Au Pairs Visit the US Capitol Building

In March, in celebration of International Women's Day, Au Pairs from the Arlington clusters enjoyed a visit to the US Capitol building and paused for a picture at the feet of the statue of Freedom. Community Counselor's Kristina Scholten and Dominique Ortiz organized this cluster meeting.

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Dance-filled Cluster Meeting

Maine-based Community Counselor Jennifer Molloy, shared pictures from her cluster meeting where everyone learned how to Samba from the Brazilian au pairs, as well as a Polish and an Ethiopian dance.  Cluster meetings are a great way to share global awareness and bridge cultural divides.  Jennifer's daughters enjoyed learning the different dances as well!

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International Foods at San Francisco Cluster Meeting

An easy, and very tasty,  way to bring Global Awareness to Cluster Meetings is having an international food night. San Francisco Community Counselor Wendy McClain shared that the San Francisco East cluster celebrated their countries together by sharing favorite foods! They had a wonderful meal with foods from Germany, Brazil, Bolivia, Thailand, Italy, and Mexico.  Yum, sounds [...]

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Au Pairs Visit Houston Rodeo

 Global Awareness is exemplified in everyday life of our Au Pairs.  Community Counselor Jennifer Stein shares how the Houston-based Au Pairs were able to be part of an amazing cultural experience during their last cluster meeting. See complete post:  

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