I chose to do a recreational activity on 04/14 for the after school kids that meet there on the playground (Angier School Elementary). I always go with my oldest host kid to the playground in the afternoon and his friends always have curiosities related to my home country. I always tell my host kids about folklore, so he gave me a brilliant idea to present with me to his friends about Brazilian folklore, specifically about the Saci. It was amazing, because in the legend the saci has only one leg, so it ended up being a presentation that not only involved the collaboration of my host kid, but also involved one of the favorite activities of the children, which is motor activity, playing and giving them a little bit of my culture was something unforgettable. As I am a teacher in Brazil, I missed teaching so much that I know that this presentation will result in other presentations of my culture, since I have noticed that more and more children want to know more about Brazilian folklore.