Saying “Happy New Year” in Chinese

Washington, D.C. Community Counselor Natalie Skidmore shared a video from a host family whose children were taught to say "Happy New Year" in Chinese by their au pair Winnie W.  This holiday provided another opportunity to build bridges and learn about other cultures.  

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Cluster Meeting Celebrating the Lunar New Year

Community Counselor Cynthia Chan in Southern Maryland used her monthly meeting to highlight the Lunar New Year.  A guest speaker taught the au pairs about Chinese culture and Lunar New Year.   In addition to sampling some treats, they also learned how to write a greeting in Chinese characters and received Lucky Money (red) envelopes. There [...]

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Lunar New Year Craft

February 5th, 2019 is the Lunar New Year.  Children all across Asia are given pocket money nestled in bright red envelopes. Started in the Han Dynasty, coins (objects that looked like coins) were tied together with red string and given to ward off evil spirits. Eventually the red string became red envelopes. More about the [...]

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Au Pairs – Send Us Your Lunar New Year Photos

Are you or your host family celebrating the Lunar New Year?  If so, please send us a photo of your celebration.  Please include: Your Name Your Country Name of your Community Counselor STR/AFP/AFP/Getty Images

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