German au pair Jasmin, in Hilary Ivey’s Orlando, FL cluster, did her Global Awareness presentation at the Children’s House Montessori School in Ormond Beach.  There were 37 children of the ages 4 to 6. Jasmin wanted to share a bit about her experience:

“I started off the presentation by showing the kids our national flag, giving them some facts about the location and population of Germany, showing them our federal states and currency. After that I showed them some interesting things that Germany is known for, like typical German foods, car brands, cuckoo clocks and the German Shepherd

The kids were very interested in the German language and enjoyed it when I played the German “Happy birthday” song and the alphabet for them.

In the end I taught them how to count to 10 in German and let them ask some questions. I learned so much just by holding this presentation and the most important thing that immediately comes to my mind is that I discovered how interested kids can be in a different country and how much they were able to learn from my presentation. When they were asked questions about the things I taught them, they knew all the right answers.

Furthermore I never held a presentation in front of kids of this particular age group, so it was very important to me to learn that and get a feeling for how to teach something to younger kids, so they can actually use that knowledge.

I printed handouts for everyone that contained all the information about global awareness as well as something to color, a Germany maze and a list of fruits and vegetables and typical German foods with the English and German translation. The global awareness presentation was a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”