Au Pair in America Explorer for January

Johanna K. from Germany in Marianne Grandin’s  New Canaan, CT cluster.

Johanna’s community counselor Marianne Grandin has nominated Johanna for the Au Pair in America Explorer recognition.  Marianne let us know that Johanna: “Has booked a weekend class to Washington DC with several other au pairs in my cluster. She has traveled to Boston, Upstate NY, Maine, New Hampshire, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, and Toronto. She did a Global Awareness presentation in the classroom of one of her host children, and attends cluster meetings regularly.
Here’s the Facebook post from the school, about her Global Awareness presentation:
“What a very special way to start our day learning about the German tradition of St. Nicholas We learned about St. Nicholas’s kindness and giving of gifts to other that may be in need. Each of us drew pictures of our wishes for the new year and then got our boots!  Johanna taught us about leaving clean boots by the door with cookies and carrots for St. Nicholas and his white horse! We added our wishes to the boots and we put them all together so they can be easily found tonight. We’re hoping that St. Nicholas will come by to take our wishes and leave us a surprise!! HUGE THANKS to JOHANNA for sharing and teaching us so much today. Our classroom was happily filled with wonderful talks of kindness, St. Nicholas and Germany for the rest of the day! We’re so excited to come to school tomorrow to see our boots!! THANK YOU JOHANNA!!

What is an Au Pair in America Explorer?

These are au pairs who embrace all aspects of the au pair program (volunteering, attending monthly cluster activities, attending webinars, discovering new places) and for those going above and beyond, sharing their culture through Global Awareness. For complete details: