Au Pair in America Explorer for August

Suri C. from Germany in Kristi Halpern’s Long Island, NY cluster.

Suri with her host child after their last game.

Kristi nominated German/Thai au pair Suri as an Au Pair in America Explorer. She attends every cluster meeting, has fulfilled her educational requirements, and has traveled to Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, visited the Grans and Antelope Canyons, and Miami. She also plans to visit Hawaii soon.

What made Suri really stand out is that, after learning that her host child’s basketball team needed a coach, she offered to coach it! She had been coaching him at home so it was a challenge she wanted to take on. She relished in the 5-week role as coach. She writes: “It was a challenge for me to handle all those children but after the first game/practice I felt good about how I did handle them and how good they all behaved….I learned a lot and grew out of my comfort zone. If I had this opportunity again I wouldn’t hesitate to do it.”

Suri not only coached her host child’s team but also joined a basketball team herself. She was the only girl in the league!

Suri in action. She was the only girl in the league!

What is an Au Pair in America Explorer?

These are au pairs who embrace all aspects of the au pair program (volunteering, attending monthly cluster activities, attending webinars, discovering new places) and for those going above and beyond, sharing their culture through Global Awareness. For complete details: