Global Awareness is ready for the new school year with avid new au pair ambassadors  who can offer free information and materials to help your kids learn more about the world around them.

So don’t let the end of the summer stop you from going on an adventure, we are around to help you explore new places all year long. Here are some of the “expeditions” that took place last year all over America:

Au Pair In America community counselor Christine Anders from Texas was solicited by a San Antonio school in need of German natives for their cultural fair and reached out to us for help. Christine was able to provide a few volunteers who shared their German culture with about 300 children.

Christine Meeks, community counselor in Connecticut participated in Diversity Day at a local middle school with 6 au pair volunteers in an effort to expose middle school children to other cultures and raise global awareness. Games, food and entertainment from many countries were represented. Does your local school celebrate Diversity Day?

Diversity Day in Stamford, CT

Kim Wunderlich-Cage from North Carolina made all the necessary arrangements not to miss an excellent opportunity at one of her local schools to represent Global Awareness with a few of her au pairs.

School children wearing the Au Pair in America crowns.

Natalie Skidmore of Washington, DC, organized her Girl Scout End of the Year party with the help of 2 au pair volunteers who, after their presentation, served cookies and juice and helped the Girl Scouts fill in Global Awareness passports.

Veronique Roblin of Los Angeles had one of her French au pairs teach a class at the Lycée Francais of Los Angeles and the kids enjoyed having her so much that they voted to have her come back once a week.

Students were taught about cheeses and then were able to sample some.

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