Ashley S. is spending her year in Jennifer Stein’s Houston area cluster. She did her Global Awareness presentation at the Post Oak Montessori school which her host child attends.

She shares her experience: “I presented in front of about 23 students that were 9 or 10 years old. I started my presentation off by asking the students if they have ever been to Canada. To my surprise quite a few had gone and knew a lot about Canada. I’m assuming because we are just above them and have to know a lot about Canada. I taught them how to say some sentences in French and counted in French as well. It was nice that the kids were enjoying my presentation as well as stayed quiet and listened to what I had to say.

I brought in Canadian money and passed it along the group so they could see what our money looked like. I also made the Maple cookies that was sent along with supplies for the project and the kids absolutely loved them. They all wanted the recipe so they could make them with their families. So I sent a copy to the teacher so she could print them off for all her students. My very own host child was proud of me that I gave my presentation to his class and enjoyed having me there to teach his friends about my country. It was a great time.”