Lucie M. a French au pair spending her year in Veronique Roblin’s California cluster had the opportunity to share about her culture in her host child’s classroom. She chose to focus her global awareness presentation on “La France aux 1000 fromages.”

Lucie relays her experience: “When I think about French food, cheese is the first thing that comes to my mind (closely followed by pastries), and I quickly realized that most of our amazing French cheeses haven’t made it to America (yet). So I took over their French class, and introduced them to five different varieties of cheese.

Before I even started, one of the curious spirits of the classroom asked me how cheese was made, which was the perfect way to start off my presentation. From its creation, to the different categories of cheese, without forgetting to learn a bit more about French regions, I tried to cover every possible angle to turn  them into real cheese connaisseurs by the end of the hour.

They all seemed really interested, and really enjoyed trying to find what category the cheeses I brought belonged to … but their favorite part was when they got to finally try all the cheeses! Most of the kids had never tried such cheeses before, and surprisingly absolutely loved them! Took them less than 10 minutes to finish them all, plus all the bread. The activity was a huge success, and at the end the children voted to make it a regular thing… they are now expecting me to come every Tuesday… with new food to discover.”