For July we challenged au pairs to send in a photo celebrating their host country’s birthday and asked them to briefly describe what the United States symbolized to them.

Rungnapa W. from Thailand in Valerie Le Cann Jones’ Connecticut cluster: “USA symbolizes opportunity. I found an amazing host family. I have a chance to meet new friends, explore the beautiful world and learn about the American culture. I always feel happy because of I have a chance to be a part of them family..”
Tais L. from Brazil in Gina Newell’s Virginia cluster: “In USA you can experience the whole world at the same place.”
Monise S. from Brazil in Jennifer Miller’s New Jersey cluster: “USA symbolizes my second home!”
Stefani A. from Brazil in Terry Magruder’s Washington cluster: “USA is my 2nd home. People are so honest and caring especially in Seattle.”
Milena C. from Brazil in Jan Peedin’s Maryland cluster: “US symbolizes growth and love for me. The love that has blossomed for my host families and specially for my host kids was a new feeling for me and it has been a large part of my self-improvement.”
Hellen F. from Brazil in Zerelda Rodriguez’s NYC cluster: “USA for me symbolizes freedom, independence, new experiences and love!”
Elda L. from Panama in Bettina Velona’s Massachusetts cluster: “A country that unites nations.”
Kaja D. from the Netherlands in Patty Antreasian’s Maryland cluster: “America symbolizes freedom for me. Free to be whoever I want to be!”
Martyna T. from Poland in Melinda Brooks’ Massachusetts cluster: “The USA symbolizes all my dreams coming true. Where I found out who I really am, and meet amazing people”