Peace to Me

When I think of peace, I see myself in a world where I can truly be myself,
Who I choose to be, where I can just let go and be comfortable with who I am

A world with no hatred, racism or pain
A world where no one is judged or criticized
A place with equality and value of people’s lives
A time of joy and togetherness, where no one is thought as of good or evil

Where Creed or color is not looked at as right or wrong, good or bad
Where no one is offensive, cruel or rude
A place that makes it possible to stay in a good mood

When I think of peace, I see a gentle wave lapping up a beach
The smile shared between a mother and her child
The silence of peace and quiet, the lack of hatred war and riots

One day nations will come together and be as one
Just as the Lord wanted it to be
We are all one people
Put together in one world

When I think of peace, I see a better world…for all of us