Climbing to the top of a mountain and
Flying over the sea.
I kept searching where could you be?

Looking for you in New York,
You were not there.
I searched in Nevada even Portland
With no time to spare.

I sat under a tree in total despair,
Maybe you are a myth and not really there.

Until it was quite and the sun began to set,
I just sat there with my eyes drizzling wet.

While I dried my tears, I looked up and
Saw a butterfly rising straight into the bright sky,
Fluttering it’s little wings,
while the wind sings.

I suddenly felt a rush and my heart,
Began to gush.

I was wrong the whole time.
What I wanted was not something to find, but a
Feeling only a person can define.

The thought of what something simple can bring,
Gave me inner joy and peace within.