Peace is finding happiness in the little things. This photo shows expresses that in a few ways. First of all, I want to mention that I knew that amazing view just from Instagram-posts or from some TV shows like ‘Gossip Girl’.

While you’re sitting on the windowsill, you set your soul at ease when you are surrounded by such a great sunset next to a beautiful skyline of the city that never sleeps. It’s so incredible and peaceful. In those few minutes you’re sitting there and your “new” friends took some pictures of you, starts the song “Empire State of Mind ” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys in your mind. This song you sang up and down with your friends at home. Your dream comes true!  Everyone at home, especially your mommy, is so proud of you that you, achieved so far in your life. Everyone at home wishes you a lot of love, affection and peace.

Then you realize that this isn’t just an Instagram-post or a TV show anymore. It’s your life – with full of love, affection and peace.