The World – Seen in Children’s Eyes

We pretend to see nothing
Although knowing it all

Cause Nothing is in peace,
Just a world full of diseases.
Our economics increase
Because of the constant fight
Black as the darkest night
Without any star moon or sunlight
– for the future.

People everywhere close their eyes,
Don’t want to see how the little kid cries
For his parents who died in the war
He didn’t really understand what for.

The day he was born was the brightest of all
His mommy and daddy built up a wall
They didn’t want him to know about failing and fall.
To protect
From every nightmare
And scare
-he could ever have.
The biggest of all was always the fear of death.

Lets say he was a ten old,
Not expecting the world being so mean and cold.
He used to throw the ball
To his friend,
He didn’t care about his tall
His name, religion or color at all.

But how could we get so far?
As a kid we didn’t see any problems,
We used to share our ice-cream in our macon jar
The world seemed so flawless.

We didn’t understand anything about politic
Damages, like oil slick
Borders and a world full of control.
We knew our parol: And that was:
Play -together,
Eat – whatever,
Accept – each other,
Celebrate – rather
Escalate – because everything was so great!

We had faith
And trust
In the future,
And in us.
How could you forget this great call,
When we all knew it, when we were small.

Everyday life is being too distractive,
Money even more attractive,
Than peace,
Us being lazy
Instead of waking up again and being proactive.
This might sound a little crazy,
But how about compassion and respect,
So you could affect
Everyone around you
To remember that we all want to increase
Forget about voodoo
So lets put together the last piece
And start to build up a society orientated on peace.