Can you feel that… the warm exhale of the sun bathing our world in liquid gold, you open your eyes and see the orange hues being spilled across the sky as dusk melts beneath waves of darkness. The clouds that are floating above me are burned, singed edges tinted black, crisp from the flickering sunlight, the middle glowing, melted soft. The wind is low and the air is warm. Listening to the echo of waves kissing the briny sand in endless infatuation. Here in this realm untouched by human hands time is irrelevant. I sometimes get lost in the chaos of this world but here, I am safe to collapse and expose my naked soul to the pure stillness that wraps around me, healing the raw and broken pieces. Overtaken by a profound awareness of the universe I experience the depth of connection I was unaware of existed, a connection to myself and every living creature upon this earth. I can feel everything.The Earth, her energy is vibrating through me syncing with my breath and the beating of my heart. I feel free and fully alive in this sacred moment I am infinite. My soul becomes a sanctuary for peace and in this stillness I find myself, drifting…being.

Trailing barefoot through living nirvana a gentle happiness effortlessly surrounds me. We are beautiful humans with beautiful minds that coexist with nature. We reflect what we feel on others. And now I reflect peace on those who surround me.