Swedish au pair Malin S. is spending her year in Pamela Mayer Caes’ River Forest, IL cluster. As part of her UCLA course requirement she did a presentation to twenty 10 and 11 year olds at Willard School in River Forest, IL.  She showed where Sweden was on a map, and shared some general facts about the country, the animals, and the language.  To make sure they were paying attention she gave them a short quiz.  She then highlighted some things Sweden is famous for, like Spotify, Skype, Zipper and Avicii etc.  She ended her session with a language lesson.

Malin let the students ask questions and even she was stumped. One of the questions was was what war Sweden had last fought. She said that they hadn’t fought in a war since 1814.  Malin said “From this presentation I learned that the school is done differently in America, the seating, the teaching and that the kids were surprisingly disciplined when I came to visit, they were quiet and paid a lot of attention to my presentation which I really appreciated.”