Bolivian au pair Fernanda M., presented to 17 pre-school students at John Eaton School in Cleveland Park, in Washington D.C.  In addition to teaching the children  what the flag looks like, and where Bolivia is located, she decided to focus her presentation on 2 traditional characters from La Paz-Bolivia. The “Zebra” and “La Chola.”


The “Zebra” are people dressed in zebra costumes who help pedestrians cross the streets.  They are really friendly, play with the kids and dance.


La Chola is a woman who wears traditional clothing.  Wearing many skirts over each other, has 2 braids and a hat.  Las Cholas can now be found in many different jobs including in the government and even wrestling.  Fernanda showed a picture of a special house where some cholas live.  These buildings were inspired by superheroes like Iron Man.

Fernanda reflects back on her experience presenting to the 4 year olds: “I learned what differentiates my country from others because there were many things that I was used to and were normal for me, but now I realize how little things make a place really special and magic.  That’s how I think Bolivia is.  Now I know more about my country and I love it even more.  I understand some of my own characteristics and how living in that fantastic mountain place influenced who I am. The next day three parents asked me about my country and they gave me thanks for sharing that with their kids. Thank you Global Awareness for this opportunity. ”

Fernanda M. is spending her year in Catherine McEaddy Holmes’ Washington, D.C. cluster.