Community Counselor Robin Leon from Austin, TX was a guest blogger for Tandem Speech Therapy.  She provided a top ten list on introducing a new language to your family.  From the article:

“Why does Ana talk that way?”

We had run into one of the au pairs I work with at the playground, and my preschool-age son had questions. He wanted to know why Ana pronounced “like” as “Like-EE” and “skipped” as “skip-id.”

“Why doesn’t she speak English gooder?” – talk about the pot calling the kettle black. This opened the door for an important conversation. I asked my son how many languages he spoke (yep, just the one), and then explained to him that Ana spoke three – her native Portuguese, English, and a bit of Spanish too. We talked about how brave she was to move away from her family in Brazil to live with a family in America, and how practicing English every day would make her language skills even stronger.

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