New York and Connecticut Community Counselor Margret Greene shared this great write up from her former au pair, Isabelle R.

It’s my official post to say I’m back in Germany . Three weeks ago I had to pack all my stuff and board a plane I didn’t want to. I had to leave the country I called home for the last two years. Say goodbye to my host family and my friends. I had two incredible years as an Au Pair. I grew as a person. I saw beautiful places. I met incredible people, some of them I’m glad to call my friends.
But now it’s time to do something for my future. I just started college and I’m kind of excited for that change in my life.

My time as an Au Pair was the best that happened to me. Even though I really miss it, I’m thankful for every single thing. It was the best time in my life and it will always be a big part of me. Thanks to everyone who supported me the last two years! I’ll never forget this experience