Vacation with My Host Family

Melina Ilquimiche

Going on vacation is always a new adventure. And it is more exiting if you are traveling to a city you haven’t been before. That’s what I did indeed. This time I had the chance to travel with my host family for a “family vacation”. We went to North California for over a week. My host father drove the motor-home and we stopped for a couple of days in a different place. They know I love nature, woods and sea; so they drove all through the highways where I could start such beautiful landscapes. Sometimes the sky seemed to be so closed to my head. That was awesome. I  took so many pictures.

The first day on my trip to North California, we stopped in Murphy at a house in the mountain. It was like having a private wood surrounding your house. There I could see the sunset and the sunrise while sitting on the mountains. That’s simply astonishing!

In the second stop, we camped in a State Park in Oroville. May I say that it was my first camping ever. Unbelievable but true! There I spent time at Oroville lake, and I learnt about Hydropower generation when visiting Edward Hyatt power plant. After Oroville we went to Nice city and overnight in front of a lake. It was a touristic place so it was full of accommodations, ROV, parks and restaurants by the lake side.

Next stop: RED WOODS! Part of my dream made true! Being at the red woods was just amazing, being surrounding by huge trees and lots of vegetation gave the area a magical atmosphere. There I visited the “Chandelier tree”, “confusion hill mystery”, “Avenue of giant” and “Trees of Mystery”. I have taken so many pictures where I look like “Thumbelina” … really priceless memories.

Finally, on the way back we drove all the way along the coast. It was time to be and feel like a mermaid. Beaches look so gorgeous, sea water has such a pretty turquoise color and what I liked the most was how clean beaches are. I spent between 2-3 hours at beaches like: gold beach, Florence, Newport, and Depoe bay. Newport was our final stop for a couple of days. There I could learn more about different types of crabs, and saw people fishing and crabbing. The first day there we did barbecue in front of the port and the next morning we spent the day at the “Oregon Aquarium”. I loved the undersea tunnel and by the end of the day I had my camera memory completely full. That day was the end of our family vacation trip.

This adventure is now part of my treasures memories. I will never forget such fun together with my host family.