Sharon in San Francisco

Sharon in San Francisco

This summer I went to the beautiful, lively and stunning city of San Francisco. I must say that I fell in love with this city and I dare to say that it is the best city I’ve ever been.

I went to visit my best friend, who is an Au Pair there, and so she was my tourist guide and she kindly showed all the places that I had to go. We started at the “Bay Bridge” and we walked around the “Embarcadero” área until the famous “Pier 39”. Where we could see the “Alcatraz Prison” on the horizon. After that, we went to the magnificent master piece called “The Golden Gate Bridge”, it was amazing to be in a place I had only seen in movies, honestly being there was magical.

We also went to the famous “Lombard Street” and “Chinatown”, which is the biggest Chinese population in the United States. Besides, we visited the “Madame Tussauds” wax museum and we really had good time taking selfies with famous people.

I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is a really calm city while San Francisco was more lively and fast-moving I would say. Another difference I realized about is that geographically speaking, San Francisco is mostly build on hills while Atlanta is more flat and looks more like a forest. I also think that people in San Francisco is more relaxed and there is more diversity on the streets, on the contrary Atlanta’s citizens are more reserved and of course they have differences on their accents!

I certainly enjoyed this trip, first of all because I got to see my friend and because I felt that magic that I don’t feel in Atlanta, I really felt I was in the United States!!

– Sharon Silva