North Carolina

North Carolina

I’ve been an Au Pair in North Carolina for 11 months.  When I told all my friends I’m going for my year to North Carolina they didn’t even hear that state before.

But North Carolina is so beautiful. I visited the beach and the mountains.

North Carolina is just so diverse.

I went for the weekend to the outer banks. I was on Hatteras Island and you can drive with your car to the beach. That was so unbelievable and a bit crazy. In Germany I’m not living close to a beach. Its a long drive to see the ocean, because I’m from the South of Germany.

I enjoyed that weekend, because we had so nice weather, I was with my friends and it was an adventure for all of us.

I have been three times in the North Carolina mountains during my year.

In the summer its a bit cooler but still warm.

One night when I was with my host family on vacation there, two black bears knocked our trash over and eat it. I was scarred and impressed at the same time.

There is Grandfather mountain and that mountain looks like a real head with his nose and his chin. He’s so pretty.

Also you can see there a lot of waterfalls. There’re pretty too.

The mountains are a good site for films:

For example the Hunger Games were shot there and you can visit the waterfall where Katniss found Peeta.

I really enjoyed my travels in North Carolina.

In Germany its not usual to go for just the weekend on a trip and Germany is not that big to see so many places like in the U.S. The U.S. are also diverse. You can see so many lovely places all around the states.

I enjoyed all my travels here, because you are most of the time with your friends together and its so much fun to explore the new cities together and every trip is an new adventure.

– Laura Siedler