My summer travels
Last month, before my friend left for China, we took a tour from Chinatown,NY to Niagara falls. After lunch we went to see Watkins Glen state park. Glen creak has a carved  gorge. We walked slowly on the narrow, long trail.. We saw the rock’s layers and have drops of water from the top of the rock. I took a lot of waterfall pictures in Watkins Glen.

Late afternoon, we moved to Niagara falls. It was amazing and very beautiful for us. We saw the picture before we  were here, but the real are more, we think. This night we bought the ticket for see tundering water culture show. Native American people dance, pray for fire, good plant and cereal. The clothes and step dancing adapt from native animal. In Thailand we have native people dance and  pray for rainfall, good plant and cereal, but not for fire. Normally native dancing with black cat in northeast.

Next day we took a ride on  Maid of the Mist, This is the famous boat ride. The boat ride takes passengers up close to Niagara falls. That time we felling fresh and wet from falls. In my country we have falls, and you can jump, dive and swim in them.  We do not have a big boat ride to go close up to the falls.

After that we continue to see Whirlpool state park and old fort Niagara. When I went inside the village, it  looked like we turned back in time. The people were wearing clothes, working, cooking, and living like old times.

I enjoyed  this tour. It was a short time to see Niagara falls but it was fun and happy. If I have more time I will be back and don’t miss Canada side!!!