My summer trip turned out to be a one week backpacker trip to California and Arizona.

Arriving at LAX in July, my first stop was Santa Monica where i stayed close to the Santa Monica Pier at a hostel. I enjoyed the beach, made friends at the hostel and went out to great restaurants. That place was probably one of the prettiest I’ve seen in California. The weather was always sunny and the atmosphere was great. There were a lot of musicians on the street showing what they got. Besides that I went to Hollywood and visited the Universal Studios.

California in total was a totally different from my place in Connecticut.  First the climate and the energy and second, there was a huge number of homeless people which I am not used to in CT. I took one homeless guy out for dinner and it ended up to be one of the nicest dinners I had.

After that I went first to Las Vegas, than to Arizona driving down Route 66 and ended up visiting the South of the Grand Canyon. I guess that was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen in my whole life. The view and the feeling I got was just awesome.

The weather was always over 100 degrees so it was really hot, but it is still worth it. I enjoyed every step on my trip and I recommend saving your money for traveling; the memories are worth every dollar.