I traveled to Wilmington, North Carolina with a Colombian Au pair, Sara. We were very excited for our first trip in the U.S. However, it was not going as easily  as we thought.

We had a car accident five minutes  before we arrived at our hotel to do check-in. So, we needed to spend two hours on the road in the really hot weather without air-conditioning.

When we checked our room after check-in, it was really gross!

In addition, when we arrived at the beach, it started raining! Oh, my god! We could not believe anything. However, after raining we had a great time on the beach. After then, we came back to the car to go to a really good restaurant but the battery of car was died. Sara was really upset. She said to me ” How can these things happen to me in a day? It is a terrible trip” So, I said to her “I think we will get really good things here like after raining, beautiful weather comes again!” However, sadly, she could not relax.

When we got into the great restaurant; name is Rocco, Sara had to talk with her mother in Colombia by phone because she needed to relax. I had a dinner alone but I talked with two people who were sitting next me and shared dessert with me! Gene and Alison,  could not believe anything about my day! They were very sad because I  seemed like their daughter-their daughter, Elizabeth and I are same age. They invited us to their house to  sleep there instead of our gross hotel. They gave us a wonderful sweet room and North Carolina style breakfast; grits, eggs, and bacon with maple syrup. Sara and I went to Gene & Alison’s fish market. It was fun to see many kinds of fish and seafood, too !

I did not expect such a wonderful experience with sweet people in the U.S. I absolutely enjoyed the time with great people and beautiful and clean nature; Wrightsville beach. It was very different because here is no beach in my town where I live. So, the best place to travel in U.S is Wilmington in North Carolina for me. I look forward to visit there with Sara again as soon as we can.