Au pairs are sharing some thoughts this Thanksgiving week and throughout the end of the year about their incredible cross-cultural adventure …let these few inspire you…more to come…

Jamileth from Peru, living in NV is grateful for:

“Giving me a new opportunity to live. Because I came out from my comfort zone and could live, I lived things that I never could do before and things that I never imagined. I fought against my fears. I can say that finally I’m happy to live by my own with no fears. I’m happy of the mistakes that I committed because if it wasn’t like that, I wouldn’t have learned and I wouldn’t be who I am now.  I continue learning, but I’m happy because I can say that I’m finally happy.”

Elisa from Germany, living in MI shares

Thank you for everything!

In mid-February of this year, my search for the right au pair family began. After many ups and downs, great emotional chaos and questions like “Do I really want to become an au pair?” Or “How long can I stand the whole thing?” I found a family at the beginning of September that was made for me.
I am grateful that my family and my best friend have always been there for me during this time, caught me, supported and motivated me. I know it wasn’t an easy time for all of us, our heads and our thoughts, but we made the best of it and in the end it was worth the wait!
I am grateful that I have not given up and can now sit here in my new home and write these words!
I am grateful that I was able to experience a wonderful autumn in Michigan and that I can now look forward to winter and the snow!
I am grateful that I have already been able to learn a lot, but even more so that I can learn so many new things, that I will gain a lot of new experiences and explore many new places!
And I am grateful that I have stayed in this beautiful family, which welcomed me with open arms, supports me, is there for me and lets me participate in their live! A family and a culture from which I can still learn a lot and to which I can also show a lot of my country and my culture!
A lot has happened in my life this year and it wasn’t always easy, but I’m grateful that it came as it came and I know that my loved ones are always there for me!

Ailis from Germany, living in WA is grateful for:

“Making the choice to come here and live my dream. For my real and host family. Because it was always my biggest dream to live in America and travel around. Because my host family is very kind, understanding and fun.”