September 21 is the globally celebrated International Day of Peace! Au Pair in America again held our annual Peace Day Contest.

APIA celebrates peace by standing up against acts of hate online and off-line and by spreading compassion, kindness and hope as we recover and build a more beautiful and equitable world. Au Pairs were invited to submit their vision of “peace,” in whatever format they choose: a video, painting, photograph, poem, essay, song or dance.  Below is just a sampling of what was received – thank you to all who contributed and wishing us all peace on earth.


“All Colors Are Beautiful” by Lea Roho, France

Note from the artist, this painting is about diversity, unity and peace.  The text all around is the abstract of the 1963, ‘I have a dream’ speech my Martin Luther King, Jr.


Daniela from Mexico


Rohania from Jamaica


Janne from Germany


Caitlin from Canada


Julianne from Brazil


Joyce from Luxembourg

“I told my host child that I wanted to built a peace sign with him together with his legos. So at first I asked him if he knows what the word peace actually means. And he didn‘t know it yet so I explained him that it is important to be nice to everyone and everyone has the right to be treated nicely and that‘s one of the biggest things you have to achieve to have a peaceful surrounding. The cutest thing he said when I was explaining this all to him was ‘like giving someone a hug’. In the end I told him that there is an extra sign to make the people aware to behave peaceful and that we‘re going to do the sign with his legos now too.”


“End racism. Build peace”

Annabel from Germany

Over the past century yoga became popular more and more. Nowadays everyone knows postures like the “downward facing dog”, the “warrior one/ two/ three” or the “child´s pose”. In many cases the people who practice yoga are trying to active inner peace through a combination of meditation and exercise. Moreover, they are working on a whole mind-body connection to be able to bring this inner strength to their surroundings.

Especially in days like these, with the war in the Ukraine and an uncontrollable China, the demand for harmony, control and peace increases – and isn´t this what we´re all looking for in the end? Peace – with ourselves, our family and friends, basically in and around us?

Thereby are conflicts and frightening future versions not only seen worldwide, but also smaller, in every country, state, city, neighbourhood. It seems like it is starting on a lower level and is spreading and effecting form there on to the entire planet. Throughout the years, racism can be blamed for a lot of conflicts and wars and is still affecting people’s lives all over the world.

For this reason, days like the “International Day of Peace” are important. We need to be remembered that racism still exists and that the only way to fight it is, becoming an active part of working against it every day. At that point I would like to quote the song “We are the World” with:

“We are the world
We are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me”

In order to remind ourselves that we are one word, we are all human beings who just want a life in peace. So why is it so hard to come together as one? Working together as one?

I think we basically want all the same: find inner peace as well as around us. We need to overcome prejudices. Stop racism. Be respectful. Treat everyone like we want to be treated and become ONE society of humans.

I know it´s not always easy, we are all marked by our past, by our surrounding, by the internet, by stories. Nevertheless, we can do it! We can start every day, every hour, every minute, every second. It is a choose we´re making and we can act as a good example. We can face problems, communicate them and educate other people to reduce prejudices and learn forgiveness.

Hereby we´ll stop seeing the world as being black and with. A whole new world will open up to us which is colourful and full of adventures. Make yourself ready for new experiences every day! Enjoy it and feel it with all your senses.