GA caught up with Taina from Brazil about their vision of peace in light up the upcoming Peace Day on September 21.  They were driving during their day as an au pair, having some really deep thoughts, and what came out was magical, poetic, authentic and, we think, so wise for someone who loves themselves unconditionally for who they are.  Take a listen and share what peace means to you in a video, picture, essay, audio, whatever represents you!

Click on the link below to share.  Deadline Friday, September 16.

“I had a hard time to accept myself for who I am and the people who encouraged me to be comfortable in my own skin was my host family from New York….being in a minority (LGBTQ+) makes me want to fight for peace.”


“For me finding peace within myself represents the fact that I am here on this planet and I am making an impact of people’s lives.  I’m going to be remembered for being a person who loves.  A person who accepts differences and with the au pair program, you get the chance to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and you learn about many many other differences….and I think that’s a chance to learn that you can’t be silent to racism, to homophobia, to xenophobia.  Finding peace for me is fighting against prejudice because I know that at the end of the day I know that I impacted someone’s life today….I’m a person who loves and I know that is the energy they are going to feel from me…I’m giving good things…”