(Jeremy of Intermezzo Salon, Christina from Norway, and Jenny her host mom)


The J-1 visa brings thousands of participants each year to the US to experience our culture and language.  It has been customary for programs to celebrate by eating, playing and giving.  This year, au pairs donated shoes!

Christina from Norway and her host mom approached their local hair salon, Intermezzo Salon and Spa and were surprised to receive over 39 pairs of gently used shoes for the cause!  Christina tells us, “when I told my host mom about the contest, she cleaned her shoe closet and also asked the neighbor if they had any shoes.  So the neighbor brought some of his, and also asked his customers if they had any.  We are all very competitive, and it was for a good cause too!”

Exchange programs make the world a better place by fostering mutual understanding.  They give young people life-altering opportunities to learn and grow and share.  #CelebrateExchangeDay #ExchangeDay Click here to see more about the Department of State’s Exchange Day:  https://www.alliance-exchange.org/events/celebrate-exchange-day/



Over 100 pairs of shoes donated by this community of au pairs!