“We are humans, the most capable species in the world, if we don’t fix this planet, who will?” 
– Jessenia, Ecuador
To see the good in human beings, the nature, the earth, and the stars, everything that will come in future, and peace and love.  -Isabelle, Germany

We asked our au pairs last month, what was worth fighting for and below are the main causes and what they have done in their home country about it!  But first,….

Join the Fight While On Program in the US:

We have au pair groups now looking at ways in which they can join the fight for the top causes most important to them while living here in the US. Contact Global Awareness if you are a current au pair and would like to be linked to a WhatsApp group talking about what can be done visually or locally with fellow 2022 au pairs.   Email: globalawareness@aifs.com

Environmental Protections

Use the bike instead of the car; Bring your own bag to the supermarket instead of using 10 plastic bags; not littering the nature; collecting trash in the forest; driving together in cars instead of using separate ones; driving to the supermarket and buying groceries once a week and not every day; not using plastic forks, knives, spoons or plates; buying clothes in second hand stores; wearing clothes for a long time instead of always buying new ones; using public transportation instead of the car; being on vacation in your county instead of always taking the plane; repairing things instead of buying new ones, … – Susann, Germany

Animal Protections

In my country I helped to create a small NGO with my neighbors where we rescue abandoned animals and animals from abuse.  – Andressa, Brazil

I have joined my anual sleepathon, where we sleep in a kennel with dogs/cats for 24hrs.I feel that all animals should feel love and know that they are important just as much as any person. I look forward to the sleepathon and will be doing it again in 2022 in September as soon as I get home. Animals have saved my life more than anyone will ever know they are a part of me and they are my family.  – Bianca, South Africa

In my country the education about animal awareness is very limited, the scarce economic resources to fight against animal abandonment and mistreatment is one of the reasons why animals walk loose in the streets. When I find an animal in the street I try to give it food and water or at least just water and pet it so that it feels that not all people are bad or want to harm them. I adopt animals from the streets, on two occasions I went to a shelter and other two times I was just walking in the street and a puppy came to me, I found out that he had no owner and became part of my home from that moment, I try to make people understand the importance that an animal also deserves a home and live happy being part of a family. If I see that someone hits an animal I will defend it and make that person come to his or her senses. – Melany, Ecuador

Education for All

I was a volunteering teacher at poor neighborhoods teaching English to help adults find better jobs.  – Julia, Brazil
Give free help to understand the language of help to understand the homework, help families to fighter education “critical” situations (analyzing, solving, giving them books…). I also shared my experiences with others to give them more opportunities. I read a lot about education and how to educate kids in free non-school settings. I do charity work 100hours a month to help kids organize their day or to give parents some time off.  – Hanna, Germany

I became a teacher because I think education for all can be one of the solutions for the problems of the world.  – Luana, Brazil

I worked as indigenous leader in my country and expose the cultural diverse such as traditions, food, ways to dress and daily life of these tribes at different events, at the same time looking for education opportunities for young leaders of these communities. – Jessenia, Ecuador


My friends and I used to go on Sundays to a place and give breakfast to people who are living on the street and need food.  -Yeni, Guatamala

I attended a group who is collecting money on Epiphany for projects which help especially children who had to hunger.  Franziska, Germany

Educational resources au pairs recommend:

“An Angel in Love” – Danna, Mexico

The poetry of Rupi Kaur – Norah, Germany

“I Am Malala” – Isabel, Sweden

“Pedagogy of the Oppressed” – Julia, Brazil

“Kein Kinderkram 1+2” – Hanna, Germany
The writings of Paulo Coelho – Luana, Brazil
‘El color de la justicia: la nueva segregación racial en Estados Unidos’ –

Sofia, Argentina