January is a special month.  It signifies the start of new year, a new beginning, and a renewed energy.  In the US, we celebrate Martin Luthur King Day later this month (Jan 17).  Dr King inspired a nation as the chief spokesperson for nonviolent activism in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, which fought for racial equity.  He led marches, gave speeches, and had rallies to spur people on to fight for this justice.  Dr King changed many hearts and minds and opened many doors for change.

Keep his spirit alive in three easy, but on-going ways:

  1. Talk with your family and host kids as you learn the history of racial inequity in the US and the ongoing efforts toward justice yourself.  Here is a great resource, but there are many out there:  https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/history/article/martin-luther-king-jr
  2. Share the history of those from your country that believed in nonviolent activism and talk with your family and community more about this history and what it means to the world.
  3. Check your email, au pairs.  In light of Dr King’s work, Global Awareness asks you, “What is worth fighting for?”  What cause will receive your energy, your passion, your commitment in 2022?  We sent you a survey (from globalawareness@aifs.com) asking you to your share thoughts and consider turning them into more action in 2022.  

Together we can stand up and fight to make the changes we wish to see in the world.