A breeze of peace

Find the exit in your museum of fear,
you already have the gear.
Soon sun-drenched to the core,
you will find peace next door.

Thoughts as clear as the morning sky,
soft sand running through your fingers.
A breeze of coconut sunscreen going up high,
as the sound of rustling palm trees lingers.

Hugged by the warmth of the sun,
talking ocean deep.
Taste of fun on your tongue,
as the midday sky creeps.

Dance to the rhythm of the waves,
turn bad energy into your past title.
Decorate yourself with your braves,
because that´s how you recycle.

There is so much to see as you rise,
a world full of blue and violet.
The bad news: time flies,
the good news: you are the pilot.

A wise person once said “I cannot do all the good the world needs,
but the world needs all the good I can do.”
So grab your ideas and put them onto sheets.
The best you can do, is simply be you.

Julyet Sertoglu from Germany in Barbara Bancel’s Cluster