Global Awareness is a great resource for “International Nights” and au pairs as well as their host children’s schools have benefited from sharing culture, food, and information about various countries. Having a live person who has direct knowledge of the culture of a particular country makes it real for the kids who travel from booth to booth with their Global Awareness passports at hand and their curious minds.

Alexandria, VA Community Counselor Elaine Lyons shared these pictures from an International Night in her area.


From Jana M. and Sina S. in Kristi Halpern’s New York cluster:

In January the Berry Hill Elementary School in Syosset, NY had an International Night. We have host kids who attend first and fourth grade there. We decided it would be a great opportunity to apply and get involved in this project. Every booth represented a different country with food and decorations. Since we are both from Germany we prepared some ethnic German food as well as a presentation. We had a lot of fun teaching the other kids about Germany and it was a successful evening.  We also learned things about other countries like Greece, China and even the United States. Our host families came to support us and we danced to some great music from all around the world.