Nonhlanhla P.  from South Africa in Jo Ann Noiset’s Glastonbury, CT cluster:

Leaving my home country and moving to a country where I know no one has shown me how courageous we are as au pairs. The thought of being an au pair was never frightening to me instead it was inspirational. As a young girl, I’ve always wanted to do something out of the ordinary and being an au pair seemed like a perfect calling for me and I’ve always been enthusiastic about starting my own au pair journey.

Not only did I inspire a lot of young girls from my home country but I’ve also inspired and influenced my peers.  As au pairs we set a great example to a lot of young girls by teaching them that they don’t need to be afraid to take steps that are bigger than them which has to be one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever got to experience.

On a personal perspective being an aupair has helped me grow so much , being away from my comfort zone has instilled so much independence and courage in me and it has prepared me for the “big girl world “ which most young women are still afraid to face on their own and mostly it has turned me into a true pioneer.

The au pair experience has shown me that all au pairs are super heroes , we are a real combination of Wonder Woman and Mary Poppins because we are hard workers, we are courageous and we have good hearts .