Where Peace is Found

On a morning of tense stillness,
As every day has to be won,
Gazing at dawn, small and clueless,
Humans wondered where Peace had gone.

Like a story, never yet heard,
Echos of hope still to be found,
They seeked the calmness of this word
From upper space to underground.

But why was Peace, oh, why was Peace so hard to spot ?

Peace is never found in ink,
Men in a suit shed on a page,
Far from the sounds of ships that sink,
Of careless bombs that roar and rage.

Peace isn’t there when a wall falls,
And neither when another’s built,
Nor when a man answers the calls
In the name of freedom, without guilt.

They tried and searched in a country,
Where everyone slept safe and sound,
Blind to their neighbors’ agony,
Whose land is but a battleground.

But why was Peace, oh, why was Peace so hard to reach ?

Peace does start when a child feels love,
When they are heard instead of tamed.
Peace starts with ”you’re one I’m proud of ”!
Respected, seen, but never blamed.

So maybe one day, it will cease,
Those children able to take part,
No more warriors fighting for Peace,
but healers of the human heart.