In February Luana presented in her host kid’s classroom about the Brazilian culture.
Luana shared with us: “As I explained a few points about our cities, parties, and costumes, I showed them pictures of all the places and events. They were amazed seeing all the people wearing costumes on Carnival; they related to our passion for soccer; and they loved the pictures of the beaches. Oh, I talked about the Amazon, and one of the kids asked me if it was the Amazon where you can buy stuff, LOL, it was so funny!
They also watched a music video illustrating a nice Brazilian song called “Aquarela”. It is about imagination and creating a happy life. After a read the translation to them, they were quite entertained.
I taught them a few words in Portuguese, so before saying “tchau” (bye), we took a picture together saying “oi” (hi) and “Brazil”.
It made me very happy to be able to share all these culture information with the kids and to help them to be more aware of the world around them. I might prepare another activity and come back before the end of this school year. Thank you for the opportunity of developing this project!”