Daniela from Brazil spent her year in Redmond, WA in Kim Van Cleave Michael’s cluster.  At Benjamin Rush Elementary School Daniela taught a kindergarten class how to sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” in Portuguese.  She first taught them the words, then played a video with the song and the choreography.  In addition she used the materials provided through the Global Awareness program to teach some simple facts about Brazil.

Daniela looks back at her day with the 19 5-7 year olds and said “My experience in there was amazing! Everything I learned from this presentation just reinforced what I thought about kids – they are curious and love to explore new subjects. It feels great to be able to teach kids, even if it is just a simple song.  I am sure they had fun during my presentation and it made me so happy to share my language with them, even though the group was very multicultural. In a macro perspective, I found out that American schools are always opening their doors to people who want to volunteer or help the school in some capacity.”