German au pair Pia B. is spending her year with a family in Patricia Antresian’s Baltimore, MD cluster.  Pia had the opportunity to share her culture with a group of 6 and 7 year olds at Harford Day School.

Pia explains, “First I told them some basic information about Germany. I did comparisons between the United States and Germany. After that I showed them the Euro bills and I brought a real 5 € and 10 € bill and passed them around. They liked the Euro bills because they are so colorful. After that we did a vocabulary task. I wrote English words on the left side and German words on the right side but in a different order. They had to connect the right ones with a line. They did pretty well. I was really surprised! The last task for them was to color the German flag. I had a flag for everyone but without colors and they needed to color it black – red – yellow.”

Pia was really nervous before starting.  What really helped her was that the children were a great audience and they had lots of questions. She reflects back “It was a lot of fun. I have to say. I am proud of myself. And maybe the most important point: I am so happy I did it! It was a really great experience.”