Mexican au pair Sofia Orozco Castañeda is spending her year in Stephanie Harris’s Framingham, MA cluster.  She had the opportunity to share her MExican culture with 12 3-4 year olds at Bright Horizons.

In my presentation I talked about 7 different topics. The first one was about my flag, the second about traditions in my country, the third was about food in Mexico which was the favorite of the children and I discovered that all of them have tried at least once Mexican food and all of them love it (I love it too), the fourth was Mexican costumes, the fifth was Mexican Games, in this one I show them two typical toys from Mexico that are called “BALERO” and ”TABLITAS MAGICAS” I brought the toys to the classroom so they could have a chance to see them and play with them, (this was a really good idea, because none of them have ever seen a toy like that so they were paying a lot of attention on how it works), The sixth was Animals where they found an animal that they never seen before called “Tlacuache”. The seventh was a little Spanish lesson were they learned to say hello and goodbye in Spanish ( Hola y Adios ) as also the numbers from 1 to 3 (uno,dos,tres).I brought them, drawings and stickers about my flag that Global Awareness provided me for them. And we color the drawings with crayons and they took the stickers home.
I was really happy that they were really excited and motivated with my presentation. I learned that you are never too young to learn about different cultures and I also was so impressed that 3 years old kids are interested in learning about a different country, where they live, and how capable they are to understand and compare the differences between two countries.


I’m proud of myself for doing this presentation and having the opportunity to share with children about my culture. I would recommend any other au pair to do it, it is an amazing experience, and it is worth it! I enjoyed it a lot!