Spanish au pair, Laura C, is spending her year in Stephanie Harris’s Massachusetts cluster.  She has a degree in kindergarten teaching from Spain and was able to use that as part of The Simonian Center for Early Learning extracurricular enrichment program.  She volunteered her time and taught 4 sessions about Spain for a group of 5-8 year olds.

Her classes have been focused on teaching language and the Spanish culture through games, songs and crafts.

Laura’s reflections on her experience: “…for me to have been able to participate in this volunteer program at the Sutton school and to offer children information and knowledge about my country is a source of pride and satisfaction on a personal and professional. Whenever I am in a class with a group of children where I can teach things of interest, for me it is all luck. Because knowledge is power and the power to create with freedom, it leads to me to have been able to make activities for their ages, in a fun and interesting way at the same time.”