Tere! (Hello in Estonian)

My name is Kärt and I am an Estonian Au pair who is currently living in Fremont, California [in Kena Anderson’s cluster] . I would love to share with you my experience about doing Global Awareness classes in Patterson Elementary School to celebrate 100th Birthday of my homeland.

On February 24, 2018, one hundred years passed from the proclamation of Estonia as an independent, democratic republic. So I decided my gift for Estonia would be introducing my home country cultural and traditions for my American host kids and their classmates with a fun and surprising Estonian class.

One day before Estonia`s actual birthday I carried out Estonian lesson for 24 kindergarten and 20 2nd grade students. First lesson was with kindergarten students. Children had mini Estonian language class and also learned about national symbols. After that we danced Estonian folkdance Kaerajaan and final activity for the class was drawing birthday picture for Estonia. When children were drawing pictures I walk around classroom and handed everyone stickers with Estonian flag. I could see that children were happy and one girl even said to me that it was her best day at school. Her genuine feedback brought big smile to my face.




Following a great 1st lesson with kindergarteners it was time for the next one but this time with 2nd graders. This time I started class with showing Estonia`s location on the world map for students and we watched short video called “Welcome to Estonia“ from youtube. After that children could ask questions about Estonia and also we had mini language class and they learned about national symbols. Their class ended with filling in travel journals. I really enjoyed teaching 2nd grade students too because they were really engaged in learning and they asked interesting questions. 

In conclusion I feel lucky and thankful for this opportunity to teach about my homeland and celebrate this way Estonian 100th Birthday.