Chinese au pair Min C. is spending her year in Catherine McEaddy Holmes’s Washington, D.C. cluster.  Min had the opportunity to present to 120 students at the Shepherd Elementary School about the Chinese New Year!  She showed pictures of the customs around the celebrations including red lanterns and paper cutting, and the delicious lucky food.  The students were excited to learn about China and had more questions then there was time allotted.

Min’s reflections on her day at the school: Through this experience, I’m proud and more motivated to share Chinese culture to people from all over the world. Sometimes, they either know little about China or confuse it with other Asian countries, or they may have some misunderstandings. However, by communicating person to person, questions and confusion can be cleared. Especially for children whose knowledge of the outside world is still being built up. It’s important to deliver the real information and keep them being interested with fascinating facts about different cultures. And I think that’s the point of the Global Awareness program, and I’m really grateful that I did this!