Andrea G. an au pair from Catalonia (Spain), explains the difference between St. George’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Andrea is spending the year in Alexandria, VA where Elaine Lyon is her Community Counselor.  Today Andrea had the opportunity to do a Global Awareness presentation in the 1st grade at Charles Barrett Elementary School.

After using the world map to show where Spain is located in relation to the United States, Andrea dove right into Valentine’s Day.  She explained that in Catalonia they do celebrate Valentine’s Day, but that their most romantic day is not February 14, but rather April 23.  This day is known as St. George’s Day. Andrea read the legend of St. George and the dragon. Afterwards, Andrea helped the children create dragon book marks and a rose made with colored paper which are the two most important symbols of St. George’s day.

Andrea is a teacher back home in Catalonia and said “as a teacher, getting to know how schools are in the States and different ways of teaching and managing is priceless! They learned, I learned, we learned all together.”