Fight for peace, everyday!

Every morning when you get yourself a cup of coffee and turn on the TV, get your phone or read the news paper you automatically ask yourself “How many people got hurt today? How many had to die?”. That’s the reality.

Scenes that can only take place in hard-hitting action movies are now being played on the news channel. We might think that people in the 21st century are wise enough to realize that violence does not benefit anyone, but unfortunately it’s not that case.

It has become an everyday occurrence for all to talk with their friends and colleagues about a man who injured 19 people and killed one woman by ramming a car into a crowd of peacefully protesting people in Charlottesville. Young children had to tell their parents with tears in their eyes, that friends of them died at a concert because of a 22 years old suicide bomber. These are just the breaking news which everyone is talking about. Every day, so many kids are bullied, people getting shot or beat up. Violence is so present in every single life.

Well, we can’t change the past. But even if occasions like that hurt us or scares us, we can change the future. We feel pain, a kick in the belly and the aching chest. We feel anger for those people who are causing violence and pain. But if we survive the anger, the strongest of all feelings appears. The hard-hitting will. The will to get together. The will to help. The will to change something. And we need hold on to this feeling.

After heartbreaking acts of violence, 50,000 people came together in Manchester to comforted each other. Ariana Grande and co. encouraged people to not be afraid and to share peace and love. Even after the tragic events in Charlottesville, inspiring words were spoken at the MTV VMA’s. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white. It doesn’t matter in which god you believe in. And it doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, rich or poor. We all need to do one thing. Fight for peace and fight for love! Every single day we have to choice to be good and to treat each other with kindness.